Brand Development

Branding does't mean "How cheap can I get a logo and a business card?" Branding is research, strategy, messaging, style and perception—thoughtfully executed to craft your positioning and persona.

Branding is one of those buzzwords that some people love and some people hate. While we would never condone the use of overused biz speak, we definitely love branding. Just like appearance means something when you meet somebody for the first time, branding means something when you meet a company for the first time. And because we've been around for awhile, we're pretty good at helping your company figure out how to make the best first impression possible - the kind of impression that turns strangers into repeat customers and puts your business on the path to sweet success.

We'll help you develop your brand strategy and messaging; turn that strategy into an identity package with logos, business cards and letterhead; we'll even go the extra mile and help turn that identity into billboards, websites, brochures, t-shirts, and whatever else you can dream of.

We are based in Salt Lake City, Utah, but we work with all kinds of clients from across the world. As a full service branding agency, we don’t stop at a brand name and logo. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, we would love to talk. 

Learn more about what you should do to ensure your company branding is on track:

Two Branding Essentials to Consider Before Moving Forward

Brand development decisions are among the most difficult in the business world. By the time you know whether something is brilliant or a major mistake, it’s often too late to make changes. Almost all great brand development decisions require extensive branding experience, clever strategy and vast industry knowledge.

Even if you have some good options and an idea of the direction you want to go, you may still benefit greatly from the following:

1. Invest in some second opinions. Brand consulting from a trusted source is worth every penny. You may even want to chat with a few different experts. Want to take it a step further? If you meshed well with a particular brand consultant, let that brand consultancy relationship develop into a more involved one. As you begin to finalize your initial decisions and move into a brand management phase, a trustworthy branding company can be extremely helpful over the long run as you solidify the direction you take your business.

2. Choose an agency wisely. All branding companies are different. As is the case with most marketing or web related agencies, choose one that understands the big picture. Sure, one company might be able to design a cool looking logo, but if they don’t understand the industry, branding in general, or the message you need to convey, that brand agency will do nothing but set you back. Different firms offer different services. Know your needs and find an agency who can meet them.