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The Radar: March 29, 2017

March 29th, 2017 - by Isabel - Salt Lake City, Utah

Easier to Use Amazon EC2 RIs

If you’ve ever had to manage AWS Reserved Instances, you know it’s a pain to match RIs with existing EC2 instances. Thankfully AWS just simplified that process by allowing RIs to be matched with instances of a different size.

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Googler Has Grown

Googler now allows google search functionality from the terminal. This article reviews some of the additional features supported by googler.

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Angular 4.0.0 is Now Available

You can expect a smaller and faster application, new features, packaging changes and more!

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Stay Ahead of the Game

This company has come up with a unique way to market pre-planning for death by helping the reader anticipate the various scenarios that may lead to death.

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Simplify Integration Testing

This article offers principles of effective testing with Capybara that make the process simple and fun.

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Action Cable on Steroids!

An alternative to Action Cable, AnyCable is written in Go and is much more performant than Action Cable, but can easily tie in with an existing Rails app.

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