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The Radar: February 1, 2017

February 1st, 2017 - by Objective - Salt Lake City, Utah

Keeping up with design and technology is a lot of work. Luckily, we enjoy wading through the noise just to find the gems of awesomeness sprinkled throughout. The Radar is our gift to you, Current or Potential Client, so that you can enjoy all of the awesome without any of the drudgery. Unwrap it each week, and know that you’re loved by the geeks and pixel-pushers at Objective.

When Gamification is Appropriate

We’ve had a lot of clients in the past who want to “gamify” their system to make things more exciting and addictive for users. This article explores how and when this is an appropriate user experience decision.

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A CMS Without a Database

This article outlines how to create a website with a CMS without relying on a database. It’s always good to have options other than WordPress, Drupal, etc.

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Handling Money Data Types in Rails 4.2

As of Rails 4.2, there is a ‘money’ type that you can use to strip out currency formatting before saving to your database. This currently requires PostgreSQL.

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Being Cautious with Technology Hype

A lot of people base their architectural and technology decisions on hype. This is something we try to avoid at Objective, taking into consideration learning curves, potential and need of advantages, and productivity with the new technology.

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Managing State in Elixir

This article presents a brief look at state management in Elixir. It’s an illuminating look into how state is managed outside of object-oriented languages.

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Google Open Sources Chrome on iOS

Google has open sourced Chrome for iOS, making it part of the Chromium codebase.

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How to Revert a Faulty Git Merge

Use this advice from Linus Torvalds if you need to revert git history once a faulty branch has been merged into master.

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Creating Visualizations and Charts

Easily create charts and graphs using Plotly’s open source visualization library and online chart creation tool.

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