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The Radar: July 29, 2015

July 29th, 2015 - by Julie Hale - Salt Lake City, Utah

Keeping up with design and technology is a lot of work. Luckily, we enjoy wading through the noise just to find the gems of awesomeness sprinkled throughout. The Radar is our gift to you, Current or Potential Client, so that you can enjoy all of the awesome without any of the drudgery. Unwrap it each week, and know that you’re loved by the geeks and pixel-pushers at Objective.

Anroid Hack

A major flaw in Android phones would let hackers in with just a text message.

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Finally… a magsafe power cable for your phone—simple, affordable and convenient.


App Design vs. App Development

A worthwhile read on the topic of how app design can hurt app development.

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Short on Excuses?

You’ll never need to worry about coming up with a reason to work from home again—this site generates excuses for you!


Fonts to Avoid

You thought Comic Sans was bad? Here are 10 fonts that may be worse.

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Programming Secrets

This is a list of 39 pointers for programmers on how to better design code and what pitfalls to avoid.

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Lock It Up

This new app for locks your mac or pc remotely from your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Lock It Up

Olympic Logos

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics logos have been unveiled.

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Visualize Javascript applications as a 3D city. Each building is a function. Their height is based on the number of lines of code, and their base area is based on the number of variables. It’s interesting to see different design decisions, shown as one large skyscraper vs. many small buildings.


Flip Phones are Back?

LG brings back the flip phone, but it may never make it to US markets.

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Go Set a Watchman Book Cover

Penguin Publishing reveals its designers’ rejected covers for the new Harper Lee novel, Go Set a Watchman.

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