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The Radar: November 11, 2015

November 11th, 2015 - by Michelle Mann - Salt Lake City, Utah

Keeping up with design and technology is a lot of work. Luckily, we enjoy wading through the noise just to find the gems of awesomeness sprinkled throughout. The Radar is our gift to you, Current or Potential Client, so that you can enjoy all of the awesome without any of the drudgery. Unwrap it each week, and know that you’re loved by the geeks and pixel-pushers at Objective.

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OAuth Has Ruined Everything

An article explaining why OAuth has struggled and failed as a standard.

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Cartoon Guide to Flux

This post is a cartoon explanation of flux, a technology developed by Facebook to solve issues that they kept running into, with data loops.

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Avoiding & Exploiting JavaScript’s Warts

Here is a succinct blog post on how to avoid common JavaScript pitfalls.

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Service Worker & Progressive Networking

With Service Workers in Javascript, you can show cached content to the browser immediately and then check if there is new content available from the server. Here’s an example of how you could do that.

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Static Website Generators

This article explains why Static Website Generators are the next big thing.

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Keep Data Safe While You Travel for Work

Each year, spies steal $300B of intellectual property from U.S. companies. Read about some ways to avoid getting hacked.

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