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The Radar: November 22, 2017

November 22nd, 2017 - by Isabel - Salt Lake City, Utah

Ruby Creatures

Meet some of Ruby’s exceptional creatures.

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Dawn of the Microlith

An overview on the pros and cons of both monoliths and microservices and how Elixir can help you find the middle ground between the two.

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Serverless Computing

Learn what serverless computing is and how it works.

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User Stories

A good primer on how to write good user stories.

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The LTV/CAC Ratio

Learn why depending solely on the LTV/CAC ratio can be risky for early stage startups.

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Font Identifier

An easy way to identify font type.

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The Radar: November 16, 2017

November 16th, 2017 - by Isabel - Salt Lake City, Utah

Elm in Production

In this 30 minute video, learn about one developer’s experience using Elm.

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Understanding Country

An interesting blog post on the complexities of having an input type of country.

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Container Stacking & Cloud Space

Learn how stacking multiple containers within a single cloud instance can save space on the cloud.

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Advertising at Its Finest

An awesome advertising video that puts a spin on luxury and reminds us of the power of the user/customer perspective.

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Multi vs. Single-Page Applications

Read about the pros and cons of multi-page and single-page applications.

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Railway-Oriented Programming

This article discusses Railway-Oriented Programming (ROP) and how to implement it using Elixir.

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The Radar: November 8, 2017

November 8th, 2017 - by Isabel - Salt Lake City, Utah

Code With Clarity

Working code is not aways good code. Learn a few key principles to better code for clarity.

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Building Stickiness

Learn how to build stickiness into your product for increased customer retention.

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SSL on Localhost

Three commands to get SSL working on localhost.

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CoreOS Container Linux

A review on CoreOS Container Linux and its challenges.

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Higher Order Components

Higher Order Components are a rapidly changing best practice for React users. 

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The Importance of Ports

An excellent conference talk demonstrating the use of the actor model via ports in elm.

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The Radar: November 1, 2017

November 1st, 2017 - by Isabel - Salt Lake City, Utah

Write Better Async Tasks

A handy checklist to help you write better Celery async tasks.

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What’s New for Python Users?

Anaconda launched its new 5.0 edition and includes some useful new features.

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React Native Applied

A case study on using React Native for a highly performant native application.

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Speed It Up!

Learn one developer’s suggestions for how to get a perfect Google Page Speed score.

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Tech & The Las Vegas Shooting

See how technology was used to map out the sequence of events in the Las Vegas mass shooting.

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Rails System Tests

A guide to Rails system tests using RSpec 3.7 in Rails 5.1.

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The Radar: October 25, 2017

October 25th, 2017 - by Isabel - Salt Lake City, Utah

Functional Programming

Read one developer’s thoughts on why functional programming matters.

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Tech Insiders Disconnect from Tech

An interesting article highlighting a growing number of tech makers that are withdrawing from personal use of apps, social media, and other tech tools.

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Micro Front-Ends

Extending the microservice idea to Front-End development.

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EEG Headset Meets JavaScript

Read how one programmer connected a Bluetooth EEG headset to RxJS and was able to program the headset to detect eye movement.

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Password Best Practices

Current password guidelines are broken, and NIST has finally released an updated set of best practices.

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Angular 2/4 in 2017

An interesting read on why Angular 2/4 is too little too late, and why you should consider other frameworks.

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